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Data Literacy

Project DaCoNet: DaCoNet -  Data Competence Network - Sensitizing, Qualifying, Multiplying

The project, which was launched in July 2020, is supported by the Stifterverband. Its goal is to provide all students at TU-Dortmund with a well-founded knowledge in dealing with data and data literacy skills.

Word-Cloud with terms from Data Literacy

Data Literacy?

Data Literacy brings together various competencies that are necessary for competent handling of data from collection and processing to evaluation and interpretation. Data is everywhere and graduates from all fields of study should increasingly have a sound knowledge of how to handle data.

DaCoNet builds up an offer on three levels: Sensitization, Qualification, Specialization

Info graphic with structure of the DaCoNet-certificates

At Level 1, this involves an elementary understanding of data, which is aimed at Bachelor students of all faculties. Here the certificate "DaCoNet Basic" can be acquired in a blended learning format.

For advanced data understanding the program then qualifies in Level 2. Here there will be more subject-specific courses that deepen data-related skills. Level 2 can be completed with the certificate "DaCoNet Advanced".

 Level 3 of the DaCoNet program finally leads to the certificate "DaCoNet Expert" by learning advanced data management procedures.

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